Our Vision:

The Attig Law Firm will change the way YOU experience the VA Claims Process.  
There are many ways that we are going to fulfill that Vision.  The two most important are these:
#1: The Attig Law Firm will provide More Information and More Power in More Ways to More Veterans.
#2: The Attig Law Firm will be the Advance Guard of the Law Firm of the Future.©

Our Values:

"If we are not living up to these values, I want to hear about it." -- Chris Attig
My Vision - why I practice law every day - is to Change the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claims Process.    I do that by providing MORE Information and MORE Power to MORE Veterans in MORE Ways. 
Every day of the week.  And I won't stop until I achieve that goal.
Every day, I look in the mirror and read a note that has been taped there for nearly a decade: "I am Going to Change the Way Veterans Experience the VA Claims Process."  I pursue that vision as if my hair is on fire: there is nothing more powerful than the human soul on fire.
Whether it is in my daily legal work, my writing for the Veterans Law Blog, speaking to Veterans and Veterans Advocacy Groups around the nation, both I and my team strive to receive this kind of feedback from Veterans and Survivors that come to us with question about VA Claims and VA Appeals:
"I have yet to see an Attorney or Law Firm put as much passion into helping Veterans fight through the overwhelming and complex VA claims system." - Veteran Jeff B.
Lawyers keep too many secrets.  
And YOU have to live with the laws governing VA Benefits. It is my goal to stop keeping secrets about the VA Claims, Appeals and Veterans Benefits law and process, and to share those "secrets" with you on the Veterans Law Blog and through the Veterans Law Blog Bookstore and Online Training programs.
But being digitized is more than that.  The Attig Law Firm intends to disrupt the legal industry with its use of 21st Century digital technology to build electronic connections between Veterans, advocates and the VA that facilitate faster - and more accurate - claims and appeals processing for those Veterans that choose to have  an attorney assist them give them access to the courts to seek a remedy and justice in their VA claims and appeals.
All Problems start with bad communication.  All solutions start with good communication. 
For too long, the VA has been an impenetrable bureaucratic fortress.   By building relationships inside the VA, BVA and Court of Appeals, the Attig Law Firm strives to tear down the walls of mistrust and distaste that exist between and among Veterans, Advocates, and the VA.
When it comes down to it, the law is a profession of service.   I impress on my team to ask 2 things every single day:
#1: What if I am the Light at the End of Someone Else's Tunnel?
#2: How can I help?