More Information and More Power in More Ways to More Veterans.

Our Vision:

The Attig Law Firm will change the way YOU experience the VA Claims Process.  
There are many ways that we are going to fulfill that Vision.  The two most important are these:
#1: The Attig Law Firm will provide More Information and More Power in More Ways to More Veterans.
#2: The Attig Law Firm will be the Advance Guard of the Law Firm of the Future.©

Our Values:

"If we are not living up to these values, I want to hear about it." -- Chris Attig
It has  been said that we are all prisoners of our own experience.  Edward DeBono said: "Creativity involves breaking out of established patterns in order to look at things in a different way."  To change the way that YOU experience the VA Claims process, we have to help you break out of the prison of your own experience, and help you to see the VA, and the VA Claims process, in a different way.  
What good is being on Facebook or Google+ if we don't use them to have a dialogue with the broader Veteran, Civilian and Business Communities?  The Attig Law Firm will make it easy for you to have a conversation with us.  Be sure to read our Social Media Policy to find out what we won't talk about on Social Media.
When you call a law firm, you want 2 things as soon as possible
First, you want a response and a decision whether or not that Firm will offer to represent you.  We will strive to call you back - 100% of the time - within 48 business hours of your first contact with the Attig Law Firm.  
Second, we will strive to make the decision whether or not to offer representation within 45 calendar days of your first contact with the Attig Law Firm. [We're not there yet, and we need some help from our allies in the VA, but we will not stop until we achieve these goals 100% of the time.]
Infantryman's Curiosity.  
Hand an infantryman a rifle, and what will he do?  First he'll take it apart and figure out how it works.  Then he'll make it work better.
We can't fix the VA, but we can take apart the way that you have been approaching the VA Claims Process, figure out what works and what doesn't, and make it better. 
Our zeal for Veterans and Veterans' advocacy is contagious.  
Through the Attig Law Firm's information networks, we deliver information that empowers Veterans, and compels others to share our content  with Veterans and their surviving spouses.