Wins For Our Clients

Wins For Our Clients.

These are not all of the cases in which the Attig Law Firm has helped a client recover past due benefits. However, we feel that they provide a representative sample of the types of cases we handle.  

They are, of course, no guarantee we can get the same or even similar results for you.  Each case is different, and we have no idea what is possible or not in your case until we do a full claims review. 
August 2013: Surviving Spouse of Vietnam Veteran recovers 5 years of Past-Due DIC benefits
June 2013: CAVC remands 13 year old appeal to BVA to correct error in its decision denying accrued benefits and DIC to surviving spouse of Vietnam-era Veteran.
June 2013: CAVC remands appeal of Cold-War era Veteran on grounds that the BVA failed to properly consider his claims for service connection of obesity, and failed to properly consider his rating for various medical conditions, including a knee replacement.
May 2013: Vietnam Veteran wins 13 years of past-due benefits for service connection of his Primary Lateral Sclerosis.
April 2013:  After the Attig Law Firm filed a Writ of Mandamus on behalf of a Vietnam-era Veteran, the Veteran recovered over 2 years past-due benefits for service-connection of Mood Disorder condition. 
February 2013: Surviving Spouse of Vietnam Veteran recovers 22 years of  past-due benefits in DIC claim 
December 2012:  Cold-War Veteran recovers 2 years of past-due benefits from VA Regional office, for service connection of gynecological condition, and past-due special monthly compensation.
October 2012:  Gulf War Veteran, and Military Sexual Trauma Survivor, recovers 3+ years of past-due benefits for service connection of Post Traumatic Stress and Major Depressive Disorder.
September 2012: Vietnam era Veteran who served at Royal Thai Air Base recovers 4+ years of past-due benefits for various conditions from VA Regional Office, including concession from VA that Veteran was exposed to Agent Orange at Korat and Takhli RTAFBs.
September 2012: Vietnam Veteran recovers past-due benefits for claim for increase in benefits for multiple service-connected injuries 
August 2012:  Court of Appeals remands Cold-War era Veteran's TBi claim on the grounds that the BVA failed to properly consider entitlement to a 1994 Effective Date.
May 2012: Vietnam Veteran recovers 4 years of past-due benefits for service connection of Post-Traumatic Stress
April 2012: Surviving Spouse of Brown Water Navy Veteran recovers 12 years of past-due DIC and accrued benefits from VA Regional office. 
April 2012:  CAVC remands DIC and AB claims of Surviving Spouse of Vietnam Veteran on grounds that the BVA erred in denying benefits.
September 2010: Vietnam Veteran recovers 8+ years of past-due benefits for service connection of lumbar (back) injuries.
August 2010:  Attig Law Firm, working pro-bono, helps Adult Disabled Child of World War II Veteran recover DIC benefits from VA Regional Office.

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