How a Law Blog Email List Saved my Firm $16,482 So Far this Month!

law blog email listLast week on "Attorneys' Corner", I shared with you 5 Ways to Keep Followers Engaged on your Law Firm's Blog.

If you do 1 - or all 5 - of those things, you will truly set yourself apart from other law firms.  Why?

Most lawyers and law firms see a blog as some sort of glorified "look-at-our-wins-and-awards" bulletin board.   They talk about themselves, and their firm - they don't talk about what their community needs to hear and learn.

A Blog is the life-blood of the Law Firm of the Future  because it  gives you a platform to communicate with  your unique client base and community  - you can show that community that  your law firm "gets it".  It demonstrates you are a "Thought Leader" among lawyers in your community.

A blog depends on traffic to have its power - people have to read - and act on - the information that you share.

I think - after 7 years of blogging - that there is one way to GET traffic to your blog that stands "head-and-shoulders" above the rest.


Yes, you heard that right - email. The bane of the lawyer's existence. The single greatest "time-suck" in the average lawyer's daily life.  The easiest way to distract you from REAL work.

Hey ... did you hear that the guy that "invented" email gets death threats!? I am not a big email fan, but that's a little over the top, don't you think?

Why a Law Blog Email List is Vital.

I'm not talking about an email newsletter.  I'm talking about a bona-fide content filled email that is designed to educate, inform, and empower the community you want to serve...while at the same time sending traffic to your website.

I think every lawyer that blogs should set - as their very first goal - getting an email list of 1,000 'subscribers'.

I also like this idea of having separate email lists for each attorney at your firm.

This is hard work - and you can do it if you start now.  But why would you WANT to do it?.  

 40% of the traffic to the Veterans Law Blog comes  from the Veterans that follow my blog by email.  Not Google Ads. Not Facebook Ads.  Not some viral post of soldiers returning home.


A simple daily email to my subscribers, asking my subscribers to visit my site to read the day's post has generated over 6,500 visitors  - and we are just halfway through July 2014.

I use a fantastic service called Aweber to help me design, manage and schedule the emails.  My cost is $49 per month for this service.  That works out to .008¢ per click so far in July.  

To generate 6,500 visitors to my site using Google Ads I will likely pay north of $16,531.  That's a savings of about $16,482 - so far this month! 


Your Email Subscribers WANT to interact with you.

If you used a "double-optin" confirmation process such as the setup that Aweber requires, you have virtually guaranteed that the people that sign up for your list WANT to hear from you.

They WANT to learn about the area of law you handle.

They WANT you to interact with the community you serve.

They WANT  to be educated, informed, entertained, challenged.

They want a dialogue - with YOU!

You can go out and buy GoogleAds - and believe me, there is a time when that will be an appropriate course of action.  Even then,  the traffic you get from AdWords is not necessarily going to engage with your site - they may not even be interested in what you have to say. 

How do I know this?

Last week, I conducted a test meant to compare traffic from Google Ads to traffic from email.  Here's what I did:

Posted the daily post on the Veterans Law Blog

Set up a keyword-targeted  GoogleAds Campaign directing to that post.  

To  ensure I compared apples to apples, I sent the email to a segment of our list - just to people that had previously expressed an  interest in the topic of the post.

Here's how it played out:


Cost: $144.97

# of Visitors to site: 57

Average Time on Website: 34 seconds


Cost: $1.58 (prorated daily cost of $49 Aweber service

# of Visitors to site: 258

Average time on Website: 1 minute 4 seconds.

By using email to communicate with the people that WANT to hear from me, I have paid less than 1¢, and had 4.5 times more visitors who were 3 times more engaged with my information.

Set a Goal of Building Your Email List.

Before you do anything else with your blog, work to build a subscriber base of 1,000.  It could take time - it took me 2 years to reach that level when I first started, but it doesn't have to take that long - I will show you some ways later to build that subscriber base.

You will find some of the best and most loyal followers of your site will join your email list.

They will educate you about the issues that your community faces.

They will tell you what they need to learn from an attorney.  

They will help start a dialogue with the community you want to serve.  

And sometimes, they will send you an email like this, reminding you that a simple daily email can have a great impact on someone's life.  This is what being a 21st Century lawyer is all about - its not just about winning your clients' cases anymore - it's about teaching the rest of your community how to take back power in their lives:

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