These 5 Guidebooks get you Back to Basics....

so you can Take Back the Power in Your VA Claim.



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The Basic Bundle starts you off by learning how to get your VA Claim File.  

This is the single most important document in your VA Claim - everyone looks at it. From the VA Rater to the BVA Judge deciding YOUR benefits, everybody in the VA is using this file to deny - or grant - your claim.

Shouldn't you KNOW what's in it?




In the Intermediate Bundle - after you've requested your C-File - I'm going to teach you what so few Veterans know.

I'll teach you the 5 different ways to PROVE service connection, and how the VA Claims Process REALLY works.




In the Advanced Bundle, the Guidebooks will teach you how to PROVE your VA Claim with what I call "5-Star Evidence".  

You'll also learn about 10 Veterans Law Cases that teach us HOW to deal with some of the most common reasons the  VA denies claims.



What Other Veterans Are Saying

about our Veterans Law Guidebooks:


Virgil E, a Vietnam Veteran, says:

"If you are new to the VA process and do not understand how it works (or doesn't), this is a good investment to help get your "Boots on the Ground". I have spent a lot of time over the last 3 years researching the VBA Decision site - this would have saved me some time."


Ron Nesler ( says:

"I am a Vietnam war combat vet. This Guidebook shows veterans how to cut through the stalling and lies from the VA and force them to tell you the truth.  As a disgruntled combat vet, I give this FIVE STARS and a thank you to the author.

If the book contained nothing more than a ... template ... to get your VA records, it would be worth much, much more than it sells for.


Veteran George D. says:  

"[Y]our Ebooks would be my 1st step, if I had to do [my claim] all over again....Ask me now what I think your Ebooks and Documents are worth.....saved me a year or 2 on BVA appeal and at least $15K in legal fees."


Veteran Bryant T. posted this on Facebook:

va c file


Veteran Fred E., says:

Your book(s) were of immeasurable value to me.

I sent the FOIA demand letter for my entire c-file and had it within about 10 days. The info in there has allowed me to get my claims back on track for the first time ever as the info in the file that was needed to support my claims was actually in the cfile all along and the va has been dragging it's ass denying everything for over 3 1/2 years.

Anyway, for the first time in almost 4 years since I filed my claims, things are happening again and I highly doubt it is a coincidence that they get moving the same time as I send the demand letter.

Feel free to use me as a reference etc. as I am more than satisfied.