Can I ask YOU a favor?

VA Claim One Thing

Remember that guy?  

If you have seen the movie City Slickers, you remember the "One Thing" speech.  Well, I'd like to ask you a question:


What is YOUR One Thing - in your VA Claim?

"If you could wave a "Magic Wand" and overcome ONE obstacle in your VA Claim or Appeal, what would it be?"

That's a hard question - I know.   Most of you are going to want to say "How to get the VA to move quicker or grant your claim faster".   

I want you to go DEEPER than that.

I'm not trying to fix the VA's problems - I'm trying to teach you how to fix YOURS.   After all, I care about 2 things - Veterans and my family (and there the list ends).

To help you fix YOUR claim issues, I want you to think:

* Is there an area of the law of VA Claims or Appeals you want to know better?

* Is there a type of claim you are having trouble "wrapping your head around"?

* Are there VA Forms that have you stumped?

* Skills that you want to get better at (writing, self-advocacy, presentation of claims, etc)

* More things like this.

Set aside the VA for a minute, and tell me the ONE thing that - if you could figure out - would make the biggest difference in how you feel about your VA Claim or Appeal.

Thanks for your help - this is the sort of information that helps me get more information and more power in more ways to more Veterans!