If Lay Evidence is the Bullet, and Medical Evidence is the Rifle....


....these are Your Owner Manuals.


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Bundle #1:   Get The Basics of VA Evidence.

The Basic Bundle starts you off by educating you about the basics of VA Claims Evidence.  

I want to walk away from this book understanding:

* The Pure Raw Power of Lay Evidence

* How Medical Evidence, without lay Lay Evidence, is a Rifle without any bullets.

* How to develop 5-Star Evidence

* Much more! 

PLUS, you'll get my UNIQUE Lay Evidence Worksheets - just like the ones we use at my law firm.

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This Bundle builds on the Basics - and teaches you how to start making the Evidence to the "heavy lifting" for you in your VA Claim.

To get our claims noticed by the VA - and decided quicker - they need to stand out.

I'm not saying to use pink scented paper to make them stand out.

I'm saying that to make them stand out you have to give them evidence with real value - and persuasive written arguments.

Here's what one Veteran said about this package:

"Your eBooks definitely helped get my ducks in order. Especially the Sworn Declaration instead of a VA Statement In Support of Claim.  I think the Sworn Declaration sealed the deal. The DRO constantly referred to my Sworn Declaration while reviewing my evidence." 

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Its one thing to have good evidence.   Its one thing to make good arguments.  But without a good strategy, you are tilting at windmills.  

Barking up an empty tree.  Lighting the Christmas tree in July.

You get the idea.

 If I was going to teach a class on how to use evidence - strategically - in a  VA Claim, I would cover all the topics that are in the Guidebooks (and Video)  in this Bundle.

I want this bundle to show you how to become among the Smartest - and most Prepared - Veterans battling the VA.

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What Other Veterans are Saying about these Veterans Law Guidebooks:



Veteran James F. said:

"You explain in plain language what works and what doesn't and why it doesn't.

Your E-Books on all phases of the claim are so helpful. Your book on Lay and medical evidence is fantastic and easy to follow.

Good job." 




Veteran Bill C. said:"

"I have an insight now that I did not have until I found your web site and the E Books. 

I am better prepared to move my claim along...I do not feel as though I have to go through this process alone."




 Veteran George D. said:

"[Y]our Ebooks would be my 1st step, if I had to do [my claim] all over again.

Ask me now what I think your Ebooks and Documents are worth.....saved me a year or 2 on BVA appeal and at least $15K in legal fees."




Veteran Daniel T (First Sergeant, US Army, Ret.) said: 

"I would like to say THANK YOU for all the great information I read and used in the Ebooks.

I feel like "I Spent a Night at the Holiday Inn Express" .

I HIGHLY Recommend to all Veterans' to purchase the eBooks. FIVE STAR PLUS ....wow."




Veteran Fred E. said: 

"Your book(s) were of immeasurable value to me...The info in there has allowed me to get my claims back on track for the first time ever....

Feel free to use me as a reference etc. as I am more than satisfied. "