This Type of Claim is 2 of the 5 Ways to Get your Rating to 100%.


TDIU Guidebook Package Comparison Chart  

TDIU Level 1TDIU Level 2TDIU Level 3




The 3 Guidebook Packages are designed to help you better understand:

* What the VA wants to see in TDIU claims

*How to find out why the VA is denying your TDIU Claim (By getting your Claims File)

*How put together evidence in your TDIU claim, and so much more.

Check out the 3 Guidebook Packages, below....




Bundle #1: Learn About TDIU.


TDIU Basic 1

Can't work because of your service connected injury?

Don't know about TDIU Claims?  

Not sure that you understand what they are all about?  

If any of those 3 questions is yes, this might be a good Guidebook Bundle for you.  These books will give you a leg up in understanding of 2 of the 5 paths to a 100% VA disability compensation rating: schedular and extra-schedular TDIU Ratings.

I will teach you:

* What do you need to prove in a TDIU claim? 

* What kind of evidence do you need to submit?

* What is "substantially gainful activity"?

* What legalese should a Veteran include when using the "IU Rule"?

I'll also share with you some common patterns for why the VA Keeps Screwing up your VA Claim!   Nobody else is going to give you the dose of reality that I do in "5 Reasons the VA Keeps Screwing Up Your Claim"

TDIU Level 1 



Bundle #2: Prove Up Your TDIU Claim.

 TDIU Basic 2

 Are you ready to start proving up your TDIU Claim? 

This Veterans Law Guidebook Bundle will teach you how to get 5-Star Evidence into your VA TDIU Claim - or any claim for that matter

Not only am I going to share the secret to proving your VA Service Connection Claim to the VA, but  I'm going to show you how to find and submit the Best Lay Evidence you can find.  

I'm going to teach you how Lay and Medical Evidence are like Bonnie and Clyde in your VA Claim - without one, the other just isn't as good. are going to get my Lay Evidence Worksheets (the same ones my firm uses in our cases) AND a copy of the Sworn Declaration Form that will give more weight to your evidence and allow you to ditch that worthless VA Form 21-4138.

TDIU Level 2 



Bundle #3: Become a TDIU Guru:


TDIU Basic 3 TDIU Basic 3 

When you are done messing around with the VA, and are ready to take your VA TDIU claim to the "next level", this may be the Guidebook Bundle for you. 

Not only will you get all the books in the above 2 Bundles, but you'll get  2 of the most powerful resources I have published so far:

You'll get my Guidebook:

"10 Cases Every Veteran Should Know".  

Knowing the law that is in these 10 cases alone- and learning how to USE them in your VA claims - is going to give your TDIU Claim some real energy and power.

You'll also get my Full Length Video:

"Get to the P.O.I.N.T - How to Write More Persuasively in Your VA Claim".  

In this Video, I'm going to teach you:

* My 5-Step Method to improving your writing arguments in your VA Claim.

* 7 Editing Tips that will dramatically improve the persuasive power of your writing.

* How to Tell the VA what you REALLY want

* How to be MORE persuasive in arguing to the VA

 TDIU Level 3