There are 3 ways to a 100% rating.

VA tdiu

Okay, really there are 4 - but who wants to be hospitalized.

1 of the ways to a 100% rating is the slow and steady path - service connecting all of your conditions, maximizing your impairment ratings, and using the power of VA Combined Math to get to 100%

There is another way - it's called TDIU.

TDIU is shorthand for "Total Disability and Individual Unemployability".  

In this eBook I will teach you the 2 ways that you can prove you are eligible for TDIU:

1) The  60-70-40 Rule. (aka, Schedular  TDIU)

2) The "IU Rule" (aka, Extra-schedular TDIU).

I am also going to show you how the VA has been screwing up IU claims for YEARS - and the path that the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims gave us for getting the VA back on track.

This eBooks cuts through the legalese.

You've read my Veterans Law Blog - and you know my style.  You know that as a disabled Veteran myself, my goal is to teach you about VA Claims without all the legalese and high-dollar lawyer words. In this eBook I'll show you:

What do you need to prove in a TDIU claim? 

What kind of evidence do you need to submit?

What is "substantially gainful activity"?

What legalese should a Veteran include when using the "IU Rule"?

I answer all of these questions in "VA TDIU: A Primer on Individual Unemployability".  

Check out the Chapter listings here.

What other Veterans are saying about this eBook:

Robert A., a Desert Storm Veteran, said:  

"Frankly, I'm not much of a reader as it is, but when I came across this book explaining the TDIU processes, I was glued to every electronic page. The information is worth the read."


Gary A., A Vietnam Veterans, said:

"This eBook is pure gold.  I am a Vietnam Vet with a 80% disability rating, currently being evaluated by the VA for TDIU. This book gave me the knowledge and faith that I have done the right things to be successfully evaluated."


Purchase the eBook now. 

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