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Climbing the VA Claims Process Ladder

In this book I give an overview of the VA Claims Process, and what you can expect at each stage of the process - from the VA Regional Office to the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

In this eBook, I avoid the "same old" information about the VA Hamster Wheel.

Instead, I explain what happens at each different level of the VA Claims and Appeals Process.   

It has been my experience that most Veterans get stuck in the Hamster Wheel because nobody has laid out the whole process - or how that process can be used to the Veterans' advantage.  

Of course, there are some Veterans that make a career out of battling the VA - if you want to fight the VA forever, this book is NOT a good choice for you.

However, if you want to begin the process of a deeper understanding of how to "Choose your Battlefield" with the VA, it starts with a more clear Overview of the VA Claims and Appeals Process.  

If you purchase a copy of this eBook, you will not be able to wave your magic wand and get out of the Hamster Wheel.

There's no "Magic Trick" in this eBook.  

I tell Veterans that if it took you 3 years to get caught in the VA Hamster Wheel, then it may well take you 3 years to climb out. 

What this eBook provides is a Foundation.  

A foundation to understand the VA Claims and Appeals process that - once you understand - will help you later learn how to use that process to your advantage.   

Want to figure out how to get your case out of the backlog? It starts with understanding the VA Claims Process so that LATER, you can learn to consolidate all of your claims at a single level of the VA Claims Process, with an eye towards getting faster and more satisfactory results.

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