I had a CRAZY idea last weekend....

8 steps improve va claimLet me  run it by you.  

Here's the background.

I Have Built a Process  that Can Help MORE Veterans Improve their VA Claims.

I've been representing Veterans in their VA Claims since 2007.  

In doing so, I've learned a little bit about the VA Claims Process - how to navigate the "ins and outs" of the bureaucracy, how to improve my clients' claims and appeals, and how to help them get more efficient and better results from the VA.

I've distilled all of this knowledge and experience into a process that I think ALL Veterans can use: I call it the "8 Steps to Improving your VA Claim."

Here are the 8 Steps:

Step 1: See the Solution  (The VA is the Problem. Congress is the Problem. VSOs are the Problem. YOU are the SOLUTION).

Step 2: Get your C-File (The C-File is the Most Important Document in your Claim - and the VA makes it HARD for you to get.

Step 3: Learn the Law. (The law that governs VA claims is not hard, but it can be very thick. My goal is to simplify it for you).

Step 4: Build the 4 Pillars of YOUR VA Claim (Eligibility, Service-Connection, Impairment Ratings and Effective Dates)

Step 5: Develop "5-Star" Evidence (It is one thing to SAY a thing is true - it's another thing to legally PROVE it).

Step 6: Choose Your Battlefield (Stop thinking of the  VA Claims Process as a Hamster Wheel - it is a Ladder out of the Backlog). 

Step 7: Get Professional Help. (When you get in over your head, I'll show you how to find the attorney that is best for YOU).

Step 8: Protect Survivors and Dependents. (Long after a Veteran passes, Survivors are still fighting. You can make it easier now).


I want to Share this 8-Step Process with YOU.

One of the things that sets the Attig Law Firm apart from other law firms and Veterans advocates is that we share a TON of information with Veterans about the VA Claims Process.

You see, I believe that Information is Power - and the best way to get your VA Claim out of the Backlog is to Take Back the Power in YOUR VA Claim by having MORE Information about the process.

And I have a LOT of information - I've battled the VA in my own claim, and in the claims of hundreds of Veterans.  I've reviewed the C-Files of HUNDREDS - possibly THOUSANDS - of Veterans.  

Lawyers don't have a monopoly on information, and I'm going to take the shackles and chains of information about the VA Claims Process and pass it on it to you - the Veteran or Survivor - who needs information in your VA Battle.

I share this information in several ways:

Through daily posts on the Veterans Law Blog (we are about to hit 450 posts on the Veterans Law Blog)

Through eBooks and other tools available at  Veterans University

Through videos and in person presentations (I'll be releasing MORE videos this year - it's one of my "New Year Resolutions").

I'm getting a lot of positive feedback about our eBooks and the Veterans Law Blog:

I look forward to your emails everyday. I will be attending a DAV Chapter Service Officer training the first week in June. I already have a jump on the seminar thanks to you. I've been involved with building claims for veterans for a couple years now. Thanks to you I will be better informed. Grateful Vietnam Vet. Semper Fi "     -- James F. (Vietnam Veteran)

"It seems to me that most Atty's are not well versed in the claim process. The difference between your office and others is you have put in the time to become knowledgeable about the process. That has benefited myself and I am sure many others who follow your site."  --James C (Cold War Veteran)

"First, I want to thank you guys for being there for us (Vets). It is great to know that there are others out there who are concern and educating other veterans about the legal terminology that the VBA or VRB use to determine its decisions and also how to refute that process in the best interest of their claims. "      -- "C.M" (Veteran asked to keep name confidential)

With compliments like that, I only want to make this website BETTER!

So Here's my Crazy Idea - Let's write a book together!

I've been working on my "8 Steps" book for a year.  And given the amount of information I have to put into it, it is nowhere near done.

What if - instead of waiting 6  (or 12, or 18, or more) until its "all done" -  I release my first draft NOW?   Then, you tell me how to make it better each and every month!

Here are the Steps I'm thinking about:

Step 1:  I publish, and you purchase, the first copy of the eBook: "8 Steps to Improve Your VA Claim"

Step 2: You read what I've written and then tell me the  ONE thing that you think will make it better.

Step 3: I'll review everyone's "One Thing" - and update the book by the end of the month.

Step 4: I'll send everyone who bought a copy a FREE UPDATE of the new eBook 

Step 5: Return to Step 2, and repeat - every month! 

You  buy the eBook one time - for under $25 - and every month I'll send you the NEW Edition - totally FREE

 8 Steps Improve VA Claim

What do you think? Does this sound like a good idea?  

Tell me what you think by filling out the form below.


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3 responses to “I had a CRAZY idea last weekend….”

  1. Hey Chris,
    My pending claim was over 3 years old, before I received your website from ATOMIC veterans) and I’ve learned a great deal in the short time that I’ve received your Blog’s. I’ve also increased my skills and confidences because many of the things that I did before, is the things that you recommend. jim

  2. Robert Grant says:

    I am at the NOD phase of my claim waiting for a DRO session. You ebooks have transformed my approach from “through everything at them” to focused 5 star evidence. Appreciate the help you provide. Would be happy to provide my opinion for the new ebook.

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