Arkansas "Armed to Farm" is a cool program connecting Veterans & Farmers.

Those of you that know me outside my day job as a Veterans Benefits Lawyer know that I have a huge interest in farming (mostly urban farming for now, since I live in the city).

An Arkansas Veteran recently shared with me this amazing and creative program sponsored by the State of Arkansas with grants from the USDA.

The program is called "Armed to Farm", and it is a workshop that helps Arkansas Veterans to gain the knowledge and tools that they need to start farming.

I have to say, this is an ingenious program for the State of Arkansas, and for returning OIF/OEF Veterans.  As a result of several demographic trends, farming is undergoing a transition from a national and mechanical corporate agriculture system to a local farm-to-table system.  Farmers are increasingly younger, buying land to start farming or simply managing an older farmer's operations.

This program can help Arkansas double-down on the improvements to their state over the past 10 years - brining in not only a younger population base, but a veteran population; Veterans are some of the hardest - and smartest - workers that I have worked with.

I would encourage any Arkansas Veterans to look into the Armed to Farm program.    It looks like the best resource is to contact Dr. Dan Donoghue, at the University of Arkansas. If any Veterans out there end up starting a farm in Arkansas through this program, give me a shout or send me an email ([email protected]) - I would love to hear your story.

If you need some inspiration, read the story of this OIF Veteran (Army Staff Sergeant Terrell Spencer) who, along with his wife, is now running a farm in the Ozark Mountains (probably one of the most beautiful parts of this country, in my opinion).


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