Attig Law Firm, PLLC, to represent disabled US Veterans

After significant consideration and evaluation, the Attig Law Firm, PLLC, will begin representing US Veterans in their disability benefits claims before the VA and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims.

After researching the ins and outs of the VA disability benefits systems, it became clear that a represented Veteran can have an entirely different experience before the VA and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims than a non-represented Veteran typically has.

Given the high volume of disabled veterans returning from the current war, and the high volume of veterans from prior wars who are neglected or ignored or simply lost in the VA’s system, the need for legal representation of Veterans is greater than ever.

There are some limitations on when an attorney can represent a Veteran in claims such as this, but in June 2007, the rules were revised to enable more Veterans more access to legal counsel.

(As an aside - can you believe this - the Veterans who put their life on the line for their country are not allowed to hire attorneys for a portion of the claim process? It's a ridiculous rule, isn't it?).

The Firm will charge no consultation fee to review a Veterans’ claim for benefits. If we offer to represent a Veteran, we will work entirely on a contingency basis in the Veterans’ case.Over the coming weeks and months, the Firm’s website will be redesigned to incorporate the addition of the new practice area. In the meantime, if you are a veteran in need of assistance with your disability benefits claim, please contact an attorney with the Attig Law Firm, today.

The Attig Law Firm, PLLC, represents Veterans in Texas Arkansas, Colorado, Pennsylvania, and the Carolinas(and all around the nation) in their claims for disability compensation before the Department of Veterans Affairs Regional Offices, the Board of Veterans Appeals (BVA), and the Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (CAVC).

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