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The "Back to Basics" Collection


General Description:

This 3-in-1 package is a great introduction to Understanding the VA Claims Process, the General Law of Service Connection and a "How-To" Guide for getting your C-File.

Bought separately, these 3 eBooks would cost $24.

The "Back to Basics" Collection is now only $20.

If you purchase the Collection using this link, I'll give you an extra 15% off - you pay only $17.


Testimonial from Veterans:

One Vietnam Veteran described the "Back to Basics" Collection this way:

"If you are new to the VA process and do not understand how it works (or doesn't), this is a good investment to help get your "Boots on the Ground".  I have spent a lot of time over the last 3 years researching the VBA Decision site - this would have saved me some time."     -- Virgil E. (Vietnam) 

"I have an insight now that I did not have until I found your web site and the E Books. I am better prepared for trying to move my claim along. Now the only thing that holds me back is the cost for all the books as I am limited financially at this time. Knowledge is power, and you bring that power into many Veterans living room. I do not feel as though I have to go through this process alone."      -- William C. (Vietnam and Cold War)


Here's what is in our 3-in-1 Collection:

Get our 3 Most Popular eBooks:

#1: 5 Paths to Service Connection

#2: Climbing the VA Claims Process

#3: Take Back the Power:  How to Get your VA C-File ***


*** APR 2014: 


Additional Details

These 3 eBooks have the foundational knowledge Veterans need to start changing the way that they experience the VA Claims Process.  

AND - anytime we update any 1 of these 3 eBooks with new information, you get a FREE updated copy.

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