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5 Tips for Using Lay Evidence to Help Prove your VA TDIU Claim.

Accredited VA Attorney Chris Attig gives you 5 Tips for using Lay Evidence in your VA TDIU Claim. Read More
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From the VA Regional Office to the Veterans Court: Climbing the VA Claims Ladder.

From the VA Regional Office to the Veterans Court - understanding the VA Claims Process is the first step in getting a quicker VA decision. Read More
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Representation in a Veterans Claim: The Choice that Is No Choice At All.

The Veterans Law Blog believes Veterans should have the right to a representative of their own choice in their Veterans Claim for Disability Benefits - which includes choosing to represent themselves. Read More
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Fairy Tales often lead to Bad Advice When filing a VA Disability Claim.

There are a lot of Fairy Tales being told to Veterans who file a VA Disability's how to make sure that you aren't being sold a box of unicorns and rainbows by your "advocate". Read More
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Like Ants at a Picnic, Junk Science Invades MOST C and P Exams.

Like ants to a picnic spread, junk science has invaded VA C and P exams.... what you and I can do to start fixing the problem. Read More
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Monthly Subscriptions available for "How to File a VA Claim" Training.

For 240 years, Veterans have been trying to get compensation for injuries in military service. And for 240 years, NOBODY has ever put together a 3 Month Training Course for Veterans to learn how to file a VA claim Read More
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Who's Watching the Watchers in Your VA Claim?

Did you hire an advocate or VSO to help in your VA or paid, you should know how to "Watch the Watcher", or your claim could end up in the cellar. Read More
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3 Biggest Mistakes Veterans Make in Filing VA Claims.

Veterans filing VA claims tend to make the same mistakes - here are the 3 biggest mistakes Veterans make filing VA Disability claims and how to avoid them. Read More
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Can you Shorten Your VA Rating Decision Time?

Here are 5 steps I learned - as a VA Benefits Attorney - that shorten the time that it takes to get decisions in many of my clients' appeals. Read More
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Have you Used this VA Disability benefits Calculator app?

Have you ever used this VA Benefits App? If so, let me know if you'd like to do a review for the Veterans Law Blog...... Read More
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