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Did you plug the power cord in? All about VA Benefits Eligibility.

Ever had your computer “stop working”, and then call customer service or tech support — only to find out you didn’t plug it in? That’s basically how it is for Veterans that get denied for being “ineligible” f… Read More
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These 4 Things will improve your VA PTSD Service connection claim.

If you focus on these 4 elements of a VA PTSD claim, you will have a much better experience with the VA Claims Process. VA Accredited Attorney Chris Attig tells you about the 4 Focal Points of a VA PTSD Claim. Read More
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VA Service Connection is like a Bridge....

Do you know all 3 things you need to prove to show the element of VA service connection? VA accredited attorney will explain them in this point. Read More
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Nehmer should apply equally to ALL Vets exposed to Agent Orange.

Veterans benefits lawyer Chris Attig discusses the VA's unequal application of the Nehmer rules for Veterans exposed to Agent Orange outside of Vietnam. Read More
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The REAL Reason the VA is making Form 21-526ez Mandatory....

Find out the REAL reason that the VA wants Veterans to use VA Form 526ez to file initial, reopened and Fully Developed Claims. Read More
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Big Changes Coming when you File your VA Claims and Appeals.

Major Changes to the VA Claims and Appeals process are here - find out how they will affect YOUR VA Claims and Appeals. Read More
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4 Lessons You Need to Learn to Service Connect Sleep Apnea.

The VA and BVA deny 76% of Sleep Apnea claims. If you are going to service connect sleep apnea, you are going to want to learn these 4 lessons. Read More
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What You Need to Know about VA Sleep Apnea Claims.

VA Sleep Apnea claims are difficult - the BVA denies over 75% of VA Sleep Apnea appeals. Here's what you need to know to get started on your VA Sleep Apnea claim. Read More
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Waiting forever for a C&P Exam from the VA? Try a Disability Benefits Questionnaire.

The Disability Benefits Questionnaire - one way Veterans might be able to avoid the dreaded C&P Exam. Read More
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Sleep Disturbances in Veterans: the Hurricane Threatening Our Community.

There is a growing storm that is fixing to hit the Veterans community like a hurricane - at its center are Sleep Disturbances in Veterans. Read More
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