The Power to Grow: Coming Changes at the Veterans Law Blog

A Sneak Peek at the New Look of the Veterans Law Blog - can you help give us the Power to Grow? Read More
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If lawyers were paid by the word, we could charge $100 for this one.

Don't believe the hype - VA Claims Credibility has NOTHING do with lying or truth-telling. Read More
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Did you plug the power cord in? All about VA Benefits Eligibility.

Ever had your computer “stop working”, and then call customer service or tech support — only to find out you didn’t plug it in? That’s basically how it is for Veterans that get denied for being “ineligible” f… Read More
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Monthly Subscriptions available for "How to File a VA Claim" Training.

For 240 years, Veterans have been trying to get compensation for injuries in military service. And for 240 years, NOBODY has ever put together a 3 Month Training Course for Veterans to learn how to file a VA claim Read More
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Join a Live Google Hangout with Chris Attig - today

The fine folks over at SyncLab Media have offered to host a Google+ Live Hangout on Air, where I will be available to discuss the newest addition to the Veterans Law Blog Bookstore…..the “How to File a VA Claim Training Package”.… Read More
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Celebratory Gunfire: What Goes Up....Will Come Down.

Celebratory Gunfire is a danger YOU can stop - don't shoot your guns into the sky! Read More
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Attig Law Firm's VA Claim and VA Compensation Review Process.

Accredited VA Attorney Chris Attig discusses the Attig Law Firm's VA Claims Review Process. Read More
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New Feature on the Veterans Law Blog - the Veterans Law Bookstore.

New technology on the internet allows attorneys to inform the general public about the law like never before. The Veterans Law Bookstore is one way Veterans with VA Disability Claims can learn how to Take Back the Power in their VA Claim. Read More
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This Video Can Help You Get the VA to WANT to Grant Your Claim.

If your writing isn't clear in your VA Claim - if you don't "GET TO THE POINT" - the VA Rater is going to push your claim to the back of the file-room. I just recorded a Training Video that will teach you to write Better in your VA Claim. Read More
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Which Veterans Law Guidebooks will MOST help you to (hopefully) Improve your VA Claim?

Will you tell the Attig Law Firm which of these 3 eBooks YOU think will most help you Improve your VA Claim? Read More
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