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Winning Your VA Claim can Change your Financial Life.

When you win your VA claim, you may find yourself with an large amount of cash on hand, and a boatload of debt. Here are some thoughts to keep you from going BACK into the financial hole you just climbed out of. Read More
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If I am service-connected for sleep apnea, what percentages can the VA rate me at?

Veterans Benefits attorney Chris Attig discusses how the VA calculates a service connected sleep apnea rating. Read More
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How Often Does the VA Rate Arthritis like this Barber's Haircut?

Does the VA Rate Arthritis of the Knee properly for every Veteran? No, they don't - not by a longshot. I'm going to show you how to keep from getting a "bad haircut" from the VA rater in your knee arthritis claim. Read More
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Do You Know the Key to Success in the VA Claims Process?

Have you ever been out deer hunting in the Arkansas Ozarks? It’s a beautiful landscape, and when you go deep enough into the mountains, there are some big deer.   (And some big bear, as I learned last year.) To prepare for hunting a new area,… Read More
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Quick Tips on filing the VA Notice of Disagreement (NOD).

Try these tips if you're lost and confused while getting started with your Notice of Disagreement? Read More
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What Drives YOUR VA Sleep Apnea Claim?

If you want to be in the driver seat in your VA Sleep Apnea Claim - and race it through the VA Claims system - you will want to learn this 1 thing. Read More
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Are You Taking Advantage of Secondary Service Connection in Your VA Disability Claim?

Here's how to prove to the VA that one service-connected medical condition caused another medical condition. It's called secondary service connection Read More
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"If I see another VA Form 21-4138 I'm going to ________"

Tired of the VA ignoring your buddy statements? Dismissing or not citing to your lay evidence? Ignoring your requests for VA Claim status? The problem could be that you are using VA Form 21-4138. Read More
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Texas Veterans: Get Free Veterans Medical Records.

Accredited VA Attorney Chris Attig discusses state laws for getting Veterans medical records from private medical providers and facilities, for use in a Title 38 Claim. Read More
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The VA Benefit of the Doubt Rule only Matters When Your Case is Too Close to Call.

Have you ever watched a baseball game when a play is just too close to call?  The runner trying to get to 1st base, for example, appears to get there at the exact same time as the ball thrown to get him out. In situations like this,  the general r… Read More
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