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Should Congress revoke the charter of this Veterans Service Organization?

Let's look at the reasons the DAV - a so-called Veteran Service Organization - should have their Congressional Charter revoked. Read More
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3 Tools to Help you Deal with VA wait times - without going insane!

“How do you deal with the VA’s madness on a daily basis?” I get asked this question a lot.  Particularly when it comes to VA wait times, and other absurdities of the VA bureaucracy. Here’s one Veteran that put it into contex… Read More
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What's "Plan B" for your getting out of the VA Claims Backlog?

I read recently that Veterans were converging on yet another VA Facility to scream about poor treatment of Veterans and the VA Claims Backlog. This time, it was the Louis Stokes Cleveland VA Medical Center in Ohio to protest the VA Backlog at VA Reg… Read More
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Advice for Veterans with Military Sexual Trauma Claims.

Read what a Marine - and a Military Sexual Trauma survivor - has to say about coping with the VA in an MST claim. Read More
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Everyone Who has Seen this Video has said: "WOW!"

If your writing isn't clear in your VA Claim - if you don't "GET TO THE POINT" - the VA Rater is going to push your claim to the back of the file-room. I just recorded a Training Video that will teach you to write Better in your VA Claim. Read More
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Here's the Key to Unlock MORE VA Disability Hearing Loss Compensation.

I'll show you how to get MORE compensation for your VA Disability Hearing Loss. Read More
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The Four Pillars of a VA Benefit Claim.

Structuring your arguments in your VA Benefit Claim using the "4 Pillars" approach will make your claim or appeal MORE persuasive. Read More
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Overcoming VA Claim Frustration and Taking back the Power!

Accredited VA Attorney Chris Attig talk about frustration with the VA Claim Process and explains how he takes back the Power in a VA Claim. Read More
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Questions and Answers with A Veterans Disability Attorney.

In this week's "Veterans Disability Attorney" Q&A, I answer questions about the quality of VSOs and the timing of a Notice of Disagreement. Read More
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The Black Hole of BVA Remands - The Silent Denial.

Today I want to talk to you about what I believe is an unlawful tactic that 5000+ Veterans a year see in their BVA Remands: the Silent Denial. Read More
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