You are, by far, the best, most thorough and considerate GLS attorney I've ever worked with...I enjoyed working with you and learned a lot because you included me in every aspect of the case. Thank you.

– Karen C., Human Resources Specialist

Chris...exhibit[s] a firmness of conviction while maintaining the intellectual flexibility of one more advanced in experience...[a]bove all things, Chris places a premium on personal integrity, intellectual honesty and professionalism.

– William Rosch, Attorney

A significant accomplishment and amazing feat in light of the external and internal brow beating you had to endure! Thanks so much for what is an excellent settlement for all.

– Maryann L., Senior Management

Chris - I am so pleased with this outcome and I know that your legal skills and perseverance were key to this result. I am especially appreciative of your willingness to listen to my managers and staff and to take their interests and goals into account in crafting your strategy. I won't go so far as to say I look forward to having another such case to settle! But if I do, I will feel very comfortable if I am fortunate enough to have you representing us.

– Janis L., Senior Executive

Chris did one of the very best cross exams on [SMITH] that I have ever seen. He impeached her on several key points. His cross was very quick, concise and effective...It was clear that he had a very well thought out, calculated plan for crossing [SMITH] and he executed this plan with precision. Although I have seen him do good work in other cases, this was his finest performance by far...

– Christina S., Attorney

For at least 4 years off and on I conducted several broad searches for a knowledgeable attorney. I finally gave up and continued to handle my claims pro-se. I decided to contact the [Attig Law Firm]...after I spoke with Chris about my Federal EEO and MSPB claims I found myself so impressed with his high level of knowledge in federal employment law, and his straightforward and optimistic attitude, that long before we made it through the telephone consultation I was ready to hire him. I feel like a winner already.

– Regina M., Federal Employee

Without any reservation I highly recommend the Attig Law Firm to any vet bringing a claim against the VA. You will find the Attig Law Firm to be competent , efficient and on your side. What more is wanted. I cant begin to tell you how glad i am to have found this firm to help me. In essence the Attig Law Firm fulfills the promise of what one seeks counsel for, aggressive intelligence applied with learned experience and dogged determination.

– Jorge Lacoste USAFSS 1968-72

I don’t know how to thank-you enough but please know I am grateful for your help on what seemed to be a lost cause.  I almost can’t believe I’m looking at a decision and not another form letter.

– Mark V., United States Air Force Veteran

Not only have you been great at getting my benefits, you have been so understanding as to what this would have meant to my Tim. Thank you from both of us.

– Nancy H., Surviving Spouse of Veteran