July 2011: Attig Law Firm Client Success (VA Benefits) Veteran receives TDIU rating and past-due benefits from VA

The Attig Law Firm has successfully helped a Veteran recover over 11 years of past-due benefits for Total Disability/Individual Unemployability.

In this recent case, our client (a peace-time Veteran of the US Army) started out without any service connection for his medical conditions.

The Attig Law Firm assisted him by challenging his denied claim first to the CAVC, and then on remand to the BVA and the VA Regional Office in Little Rock, Arkansas.

On remand from the CAVC and BVA, the Firm helped the Veteran-Client secure an overall 70% rating for his multiple conditions.

As a result of his unemployment due to the collective effect of these conditions, the Veteran's compensation rate should have been lifted from 70% to 100% under regulations regarding Total Disability and Individual Unemployability (TDIU).

When the VA failed to properly grant this Veteran a 100% rating for TDIU, the Attig Law Firm, PLLC, worked with the Veteran and the VA Regional Office to ensure that the decision was corrected.

As a result of the Attig Law Firm's advocacy for this Veteran over the course of five (5) years, the Veteran has received 11 years of past due TDIU benefits.

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